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The Semperoper shines brilliantly as part of the historic old town of Dresden. The Elbe metropolis enchants every year in waltz time and provides for a bit of glamour in the southeast of the Republic with noble gowns and illustrious guests. Yes, celebrating a glittering ball evening, that‘s what the people of Dresden do, and they like to keep their hips carefree until the early hours of the morning. Things also revolve around the right beat in the medical laboratory of IMA Dresden. The hip and knee joints must be tested in advance under realistic conditions: They are moved and stressed in anatomically correct positions at least five million times, simulating the service life of an implant. In addition, the IMA is also testing other joints [...]

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Strong, reliable and cost effective – the upscaling trend of wind turbines leads to new challenges in the design of blade root joints. Fully bonded bushings with internal thread for high strength stud bolts in various designs are expected to fit the needs and lead to higher load capacity by simultaneously reduced size of blade connections. In the recent years IMA Dresden successfully executed various static and fatigue tests of stud/insert-type root joints for customers in Europe and Worldwide and offers a wide range of services related to root joint testing: Load capacities: Load ratios:
Max. specimen length:
Test temperatures:
Additional Services: −4,000 kN to +2,000 kN (Standard)
−5,000 kN to +5,000 kN (Extended)
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Up the mountain. Into winter pleasure. What awaits above? Skiing amusement, cabin fun, happy hormones. Every day, hundreds of snow enthusiasts take the ski lifts up to the summit of winter sporting frenzy. The way up offers a breather with a view of the breathtaking alpine panorama - always stable thanks to tested steel from IMA Dresden. The steel cables are exposed to heavy load due to tension, wear, and corrosion. IMA tests the durability and mechanical stress of these and all other metal materials. IMA determines material characteristics and conducts strength assessmens. With testing and engineering services, IMA Dresden supports customers on a daily basis with questions about steel for high-performance applications such as aircraft turbines, [...]

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After two years, it was time again: In English Farnborough the "Farnborough International Air Show" took place from 16.-22. July and caught the attention of the aviation industry. South-east of London, some 1500 exhibitors from the aerospace industry met. The organizer and the big OEM's are positive. The IMA Dresden is also very satisfied with the course of the fair and the results so far. We thank all interested parties, partners and friends for the interesting discussions and discussions. In best company we were represented for the first time at the Hanse Pavillon in Hall 4 (organized by Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH) together with 11 other companies from Germany. Nancy Herold and Steffen Holdt welcomed the visitors at the booth. [...]

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25 years IMA Dresden – and it works IMA Dresden is now 25 years young. Back then, in May 1993, leading engineers took their future into their own hands and formed IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH, IMA Dresden for short, via a management buyout. However, the young IMA can draw on significantly greater life experience than that. The roots of IMA Dresden reach right back to 1955, when aircraft construction began in Dresden. The future is full of challenges, and developments are moving Forward rapidly. “It is not a question of predicting the future, but of being prepared for it.” What was once said by the Greek philosopher Pericles is more valid than ever before in our global, highly mechanised world. Even though many products [...]

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In the new H2020 project "CarE-Service" the IMA Dresden is involved in addition to many other European Partners. Project issue is the re-use of electric vehicles and their components. The IMA Dresden will develop a mobile test module for the testing of vehicle components in the three-year Project. The kick-off meeting took place at ITIA-CNR in Italy with the support of the European Commission and was a successful start to the three-year cooperation. [...]

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Are you attending at the industry meeting in the field of automotive testing from 5 to 7 June 2018 in Stuttgart? Once again, we will be there as an exhibitor and, in addition to our core competencies in component and material testing, will be presenting interesting special tests and the latest developments. Learn more about:

  • Materials, components and structures no matter if car, truck, bus or excavator up to electromobility and beyond
  • Special component tests such as emission measurements / SHED tests on vehicle tanks, fuel supply systems, material emissions, internal high-pressure tests on fuel-carrying components (low and high pressure)
  • Testing of electrical components [...]

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IMA Dresden informs about news about WIAM® fatigue RIFEST, the software program for the calculation of strength according to the FKM guideline in the construction process and in the stress analysis. In the new version 2.1.8, we now offer you the possibility of calculation with the notch stress concept for welds. You can also load your collectives from txt or xml files into the collective manager and integrate a proof center image. Our customers receive this update as part of their current contracts and have been informed by our mailing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Reinhold: Tel .: 0351 8837-2804, E-Mail: sophie.reinhold@ima-dresden.de Have you been looking for a quick single-item verification for some time? Then [...]

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We provide training on FKM guideline and WIAM® fatigue RIFEST software as well as aeronautical NDT training. The following dates for trainings at the IMA Dresden are available:

  • Practice with the FKM Guideline 6. to 7.11.2018
  • User training for the software WIAM® fatigue RIFEST 8.11.2018
  • Aeronautical NDT Trainings all year
Go to page Training an Seminars In addition, the training courses are also offered individually both at our location and at your location. For more information on possible dates and conditions, please contact us. [...]

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For deformation tests on acetabular shells according to ISO 7206-12 or anchoring tests of glenoid components in accordance with ASTM F2028, we use an optical measuring system instead of standard displacement transducers, which detects deformation states and strains contactlessly with maximum accuracy. This photogrammetry method measures samples and components independently of material according to the principle of digital image correlation. With an accuracy of ± 4 μm, path changes can be more flexibly and accurately recorded and visualized. We also recommend this measurement method for many other Tests. Learn more about medical device testing [...]

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