Calendar Sheet July - A different perspective: When flying turns to passion on the ground.

©shutterstock.com – armshare
©shutterstock.com – armshare

„The wind in the struts, a rumbling, a quaking, then finally take off, suddenly floating…“. Not just Reinhard Mey has been fascinated by flying. Take off and behold from above heavenly archipelagos, snow-covered mountain ranges, and toy worlds, surrender to the intoxication of weightlessness – the feeling above the clouds will delight you. In order to really keep all the fears and worries hidden below, IMA engineers assist the development departments of manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry: Whether it is a passenger jet, air taxi, or rocket, it is tested, simulated, and calculated. To do so, IMA focuses on every assembly group of an aircraft, such as the fuselage, wing assembly, tail unit, undercarriage, and engine, as well as interior components, on the ground and with passion – for lasting, intoxicating enjoyment in the air.

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