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IMA Dresden understands the challenges of data management and documenting information through existing workflows in medium-sized and large companies, especially in the areas of research and development, simulation, evaluation, laboratory testing, quality management, process development and production planning.

WIAM® has been developing data management systems for over 45 years, primarily for the car manufacturing and supply, engineering, materials production, aviation and energy technology industries.

We offer high-performance software for performing strength calculations according to the FKM guidelines as well as for managing product, materials, testing and calculation data, standards, and much more.

The software licences for standard products are distributed under the WIAM® brand. In addition, at IMA Dresden we plan and implement customer-specific software projects with a professional team of programmers, project managers and consultants.

Our portfolio


Materials databases

The databases of our WIAM® product line provide material information and characteristic values ​​that are used reliably for material selection, design, standardization, calculation and simulation. The data pool draws on material and fundamental experiments from the last five decades, and new materials are systematically integrated.

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Training and Seminars

Benefit from our cross-industry know-how: In training courses and seminars directly at your company or at our site, you will receive extensive specialist knowledge - from courses for non-destructive testing (ZfP / NDT) about the FKM guideline "Computational Strength Verification of Machine Components" to software user training for WIAM® fatigue RIFEST.

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Simulation and Strength Assessments

As a holistic development partner, we provide reliable information about design and lifetime by determining component strengths and examining stress, strain, and stability already during construction and dimensioning process. By means of calculated assessments of strength, designs are optimized and designed to be reliable.

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Powerful for every vehicle type - our strength tests, approval tests or development tests are proven to be reliable for testing the operational strength and service life of automotive components, media-conducting systems, electrical components and materials.

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At our testing and development center, we test all rail vehicle components and materials for strength and service life. In terms of product and operational safety as well as quality assurance, we bundle the forces of testing and test design in our company with measurement, calculation, simulation and proof of strength as well as construction.

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Medical Devices

In the approval and development of medical devices, we support in particular with strength and wear tests of joint endoprostheses, osteosynthesis products, traumatology products, surgical instruments and skin adhesives according to standard or special test

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Whether it's for life-time certification or certification of the aircraft component, IMA engineers test, simulate, or calculate any design group of an aircraft, such as aircraft, for reliable results. B. hull works, structures, tail units, trolleys and engines and interior components.

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Materials Testing Metals

Our material specialists accompany you in the implementation of your test programs as well as standardization, approval and certification of materials or manufacturing processes. We stand by your side during the entire test procedure, from the consultation, test planning and sample production, over the test itself up to the finished test report.

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Material Testing for Plastics and Composite Materials

From the base material through the manufacturing technology to the approval of the finished product - our material tests are DAkkS and NADCAP accredited. This includes static, cyclic and dynamic tests as well as static long-term tests, including sample production.

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IMA Dresden offers companies a range of WIAM® software products and solutions, which can be extended to individual, customer-specific validation, evaluation and processing options based on standard products and modules, as required.



WIAM® fatigue RIFEST – determine strength readings according to FKM guidelines

WIAM® fatigue RIFEST is software for the design process and component stress analysis, and displays the guideline-compliant strength test results at verification points for non-welded and welded components according to FKM Guidelines, 2012 edition. The guidelines apply to machine components and was first developed in 1994 under the management of IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH.

Engineers and designers from a variety of fields can profit from the theoretical and practical knowledge of the methods and calculation algorithms:

  • Solid-shaped and sheet-form non-welded components
  • Welded components
  • Strength analysis for scattered stresses based on FEM calculations or strain measurements, for instance.

We offer training on the calculation program and the FKM guidelines at the customer’s premises or at our offices.

Program contents – basic version

  • Fatigue strength verification as permanent or operational strength, incl. the required static strength verification.
  • Strength verification for several verification points on the basis of existing local elastic stresses
    (e.g. from FEM calculations or strain measurements)
  • For solid-form non-welded component (basic material)
  • Extensive database for non-welded machine components: Rolled steel, cast iron materials (incl. material properties)
  • Standard and high temperatures
  • Maintenance, updates & program support (incl. in the 1st year)
  • Monolingual: German or English
  • Cost-effective single user licence

Program contents – premium version

The Premium package also offers:

  • verifications for flat-form welded components according to the following verification concepts:
    • local nominal stresses / structural stresses
    • Notch stresses
  • Extensive database for welded machine components, including material properties and weld seam component catalogue (FAT classes)
  • Extensive presentation of results in report form
  • Bilingual: German and English

Program contents – Server License version

  • External on-demand server
    • site-independent and worldwide use through an Internet access
    • more flexibility during usage
    • low IT effort
    • automatic software maintenance
    • constant availability
    • shorter, more flexible terms
    • cushioning of high loads

Available Options

  • Floating licence
  • Maintenance, updates & program support from the 2nd year
  • Expert IMA advice on the FKM guidelines
  • Rental or purchase licence


Individual services

  • Possibility of customer-specific extensions /
    add-ons (e.g. document layouts)
  • Integration of customer-specific parameters
  • Customer-specific connection to the FE environment (extension to FE pre-/post-processors)
  • Standard licence model
  • Company licence model


Test Version



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FKM inside ANSYS

CADFEM ANSYS extension for strength verification in line with FKM with materials database

FKM guideline-compliant strength verification for non-welded and welded components is now integrated into the ANSYS workbench. This is made possible by the new WB/WIAM fatigue RIFEST and WB/WIAM Engineering Data modules.

The extension includes the following tools:

  • WB/FKM – full-surface guideline-compliant strength verification of non-welded solid components according to FKM
  • WB/FKM-Weld – Strength verification of weld seams for shell and solid structures according to FKM
  • WB/WIAM fatigue RIFEST – strength verification at verification points for non-welded and welded components according to FKM
  • WB/WIAM Engineering Data – materials database for metallic materials



Strength verification at verification points for non-welded and welded components according to FKM, integrated into the ANSYS workbench

Integrated into ANSYS Workbench, the WB/WIAM fatigue RIFEST module to include different fatigue strength verifications in its component stress analysis. This includes operational and fatigue tests according to the FKM guidelines and the mapping of verification points for non-welded and welded components. The module facilitates fast and straightforward parameter studies, such as variation of material selection, weld seam notch selection or surface treatment, thus speeding up the verification process.

The most important functions of the module are:

  • Fatigue strength verification as permanent or operational strength, incl. the required static strength verification
  • Strength verification for individual verification points on the basis of existing local elastic stresses (e.g. from FEM calculations or strain measurements)
  • extensive database for welded and non-welded machine components: rolled steel, cast iron materials, aluminium materials, (incl. material properties)
  • standard and high temperatures


WB/WIAM Engineering Data

ANSYS Workbench-integrated WIAM materials database for metallic materials

The convenient WB/WIAM Engineering Data database is based on the WIAM METALLINFO data and therefore contains an extensive current range of materials in one location. The materials data are provided with a standards history and international conversion.

The database is notable for its:

  • Direct data transfer into the ANSYS workbench
  • German and European standardisation
  • TÜV material performance sheet
  • Steel and iron list, plus material sheets, including from manufacturers
  • FKM guidelines
  • Ring trials and test series at renowned colleges and universities
  • Specialist literature
  • Consistently precise reference to sources

Weitere Informationen auf der CADFEM Webseite

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WIAM® ICE – software for managing materials and testing data, simulation & calculation data, data from the standardisation process, and much more

The structuring, processing and management of information helps to ensure expert technological know-how in the long term, streamline processes and thus increase quality and efficiency. The standard WIAM® ICE product promotes the flow of knowledge, simplifies areas of complexity and ensures added value and innovative strength. Having originated in the field of Material Sciences, the generic WIAM data model can now manage all kinds of knowledge and information.

Companies create, process and analyse lots of material data from different areas, e.g. materials research, material testing, component testing, material standards, simulation and calculation. WIAM® offers the right software for such tasks. The key features of this software are its universal data model, range of presentation and evaluation options, interfaces and flexible data owners.

WIAM has been supporting companies with data management for over 45 years. There are diverse references in the areas of materials and component data, standardisation and testing, calculation and simulation data. With WIAM® solutions, companies can comply with internal, national and international standards and adhere to guidelines relating to documentation, traceability and retention obligations.

With WIAM® ICE, you can record, research, link, visualise, compare and evaluate diverse data easily and clearly. Via a single sign-on and detailed user management, you also have the opportunity to manage data by user group and connect the software with other in-house systems such as ERP, CAD, PDM, etc., according to the respective user group.

We offer the following additional services:

  • Extension modules for:
    • Materials data & standards management
    • Test data management
    • Management of design parameters
    • Management of fibre composites and plastics
    • And lots more
  • Data management consulting and support for companies in process-intensive and regulatory industries
  • Integration and interfaces to ERP, PDM, CAE & CAD systems via APIs
  • Integration into company-specific IT security concepts
  • Instruction, training and workshops

For more information on all solutions, applications, references and services, see our product website: www.wiam.de

Download the WIAM® Flyer and WIAM® ICE Datasheet.