Calendar Sheet December - Everything flows: Setting big signals with small particles.

©istockphoto.com – RelaxFoto.de
©istockphoto.com – RelaxFoto.de

When the solar winds are favourable, one can see it, the magical green glow. “Aurora Borealis”, the northern lights or polar light, is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on our planet and has been the subject of speculation for 2,000 years. The mysterious light haze is charged with particles of the solar wind, which collide with the Earth‘s atmosphere – a kind of greeting from the Sun, which shows its most beautiful shapes on Earth in the cold polar regions. When it comes down to pulsating particles, IMA Dresden can also set signals: with all types of electrical tests and inspections for short-circuits, service life, operating behaviour and surge voltage. The in-house transformers are able to generate test currents of up to 25,000 amperes for switches, fuse units, relays and switching cabinets and, if necessary, up to and including overload. In modern, spacious test fields, IMA engineers can control the current flow and continuously record data regarding temperatures and voltages. – Everything which is required to keep things in flux for the customer.

TromsØ, Norway

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