Calendar Sheet September - No path too far: When data is travelling.

©shutterstock.com – Gordon Bell
©shutterstock.com – Gordon Bell

The big city – this means living the loud, varied, creative, fast life. Here, opposites collide. Technology meets tradition, aesthetics meets abstract. But what‘s clear: This highly complex and quickly growing city system also has much potential for new ideas. Whether it‘s Melbourne or Munich, Düsseldorf or Dresden – IMA Dresden also jumps on the train of urban life anywhere large streams of people move through the urban jungle. With test drives and long-term measurements of public transport, IMA engineers collect a large amount of data under real conditions, which is useful for experimental tests or virtual simulations, for example. With this quantity of data, it is possible to show route profiles that are used during the design phase, when dimensioning components for rail vehicles, for instance.

Melbourne, Australia

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