Calendar Sheet August - Plough till you drop: In action for the big forces.

©shutterstock.com – Dusan Po
©shutterstock.com – Dusan Po

They are the kings of the fields. Tractors with tyres as tall as a person, giant combine harvesters with broad cutting blades. Not infrequently also referred to as „plough monsters“, these harvesting giants advance every year – even if they often drive common road users insane, obstruct traffic on rural roads, and meander through narrow towns. While many still dream of milking stools, crowing roosters, and the farmer sheering sheep in March, the reality on farms looks different: A heavy machine with increasingly complex digital technologies stands ready. Large harvesting machines and excavators, this also means great forces – not a problem for IMA Dresden. With modern measuring and control technology, as well as flexible testing laboratories, commercial vehicle testing specialists are on the move to their assignments. The result: large machines that are able to plough long and hard.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany

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