We generate genuine added value for our customers…

…by concentrating on quality, customer orientation, team spirit, innovation and sustainability. Verifying the reliability, safety and security of the material for a complete component service life is a demanding task. As a rapidly growing, medium-sized company, we are able to provide comprehensive engineering services and the ideal solution for every industry.


Our added value is ensured through quality

We provide innovative technological test and inspection solutions and advanced services with the highest possible quality levels. A modern quality management system combined with its continuous improvement are our highest priority.

Our added value is gained through customer orientation

We are a reliable partner for our customers, we always support them with care, individually, comprehensively and quickly. We are solution-oriented and concentrate on a distinct service mentality where our customers are always the focal point. The trust and satisfaction of our customers are our most important assets.


Our added value is based on innovation

We are continually researching to perfect existing test and inspection methods and continuously develop new concepts that take into account the current requirements. As a modern company, we ensure the future success by always having a positive attitude towards alterations and amendments as they occur.

Being able to think and act in the interests of our customers is not a frivolously formulated code of conduct. This principle also includes continuously striving for engineering perfection, which is then reflected in intelligent solutions and sustainably usable results. This also includes versatility to be able to adapt to a wide variety of requests and therefore provide performance peaks which are not possible anywhere else. Every one of our employees contributes their own part to this responsibility.