Calendar Sheet October - On the special train to Saxony.

©istockphoto.com – AdonisVillanueva
©istockphoto.com – AdonisVillanueva

Stand back, please: A train journey, that is to say, having the time to pass by various landscapes, villages, farms, and winding lanes, to observe people as they get on and off. The sensible and sustainable travel currently in vogue is true to the motto „The journey is the destination“ – be it on the historic Dream Train, which is reminiscent of the original Orient Express, or a modern luxury train. Such special and luxury trains, among many other types of trains, also stop off at IMA Dresden. They come to Saxony from Europe, Asia, and America for experimental and approval testing. They are in good company here, with many further rail vehicle components such as axle-bearing housings, springs, swing arms, stabilisers, interior components that need the „go“ for their big journey.

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