Calendar Sheet June - On course for new materials.

©istockphoto.com – mbbirdy
©istockphoto.com – mbbirdy

Sail away from everyday life and glide through the shimmering emerald green sea, moving freely on board – sailing means longing to be one with wind and waves. Discovering new worlds in this way also means measuring oneself against the forces of the elements. All the more appropriate
that yachts and boats are now becoming lighter and more manoeuvrable thanks to composite materials, thus making many manoeuvers at sea easier. Not just lighter, more durable, and more flexible, but also more resistant to rust and other weathering: new materials make it possible to absorb and transfer large amounts of energy. With more than 56 years of expertise in the material testing of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics, IMA Dresden has been on course for a long time. The material samples for all dynamic and static tests are produced in-house via various manufacturing technologies. Ahoy!

Adriatic sea, region Dalmatian – Croatia

Materials Testing Plastics and Composites

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