Expert assessor activity

Despite new and innovative production technologies and manufacturing routines, cases
of damage are still occurring with often dramatic consequences.

There could be many causes for this: Material failure, defects during manufacturing and/or in the design.
However, damage can occur also in operation or from unfavourable environmental influences.

If you require expert assessor support in order to investigate the damage, then our own recognised specialists
will be pleased to assist you.

Or do you need a legally valid expert assessment? We will be pleased to provide you with publicly appointed and
sworn experts and expert assessors.

Our portfolio


Material Testing for Plastics and Composite Materials

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Damage analysis or legally valid expert assessment?

Are you an expert assessor and need material or structural technically-related assistance in investigating a claim
in civil or criminal matters?

Or do you personally, as a private individual or as a company, have to analyse a claim and additionally require an
independent expert assessor opinion or a referral to a corresponding expert assessor?

When do I need damage analysis and at which position do I have to prepare a legally valid expert assessment?

In general, analysis of the damage is the tool for creating an expert assessment.
The following graphic will assist you find the right path for you:



The path through the diagram will lead you to the “Damage analysis and test report“ field?
We will be pleased to implement this for you.

Or was the result “I need a legally valid expert assessment“?

Utilising the expert assessors who collaborate with us enables us to fully support you in the
preparationof a legally valid expert assessment and implement the damage analysis for you with
the necessary material technical inspections.



With our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratories for materials and components as well as our
ISO/IEC 17020 accredited inspection body, we can provide you with a wide range of material and
overarching industry expertise.

To this end, we provide the following Services:

  • Decision-making aids regarding the level of expert assessment vs. test or inspection reports
  • Individual creation of test or verification programmes for claims investigations
  • Interdisciplinary implementation of all required verifications or evidence
  • Preparation of independent and accredited test reports
  • Inspection of manufacturers or operators
  • Support for preparing legally valid expert assessments by expert assessors who collaborate with us
  • Support in the preparation of reports for approval processes by expert assessors who collaborate
    with us e.g. approval on a case-by-case basis, general building supervisory permits

Let us advise you. We possess extensive experience in medical technology, mechanical engineering, plant
engineering, railway vehicle engineering, construction, installation technology or wind power.

Expert assessment of steel constructions

After a fire, for example in production and commercial buildings, then it is decisive for the ongoing utilisation to
investigate whether or not the load-bearing steel structures can still continue to withstand the required loads.
Equipped with mobile testing technology, we can support expert fire assessors or insurance assessors on site
when assessing the steel beams.


If you are confronted with an expert assessment in the course of a legal dispute (product defect, installation errors/
assembly errors etc.) and you do not find the interpretation of the results understandable or inappropriate, then we
will be pleased to assist you for evaluating the plausibility and holistic nature of the investigations and result
assessments which were implemented. Based on our broad expertise, it is also possible for us to indicate targeted
counter-arguments for you – particularly from a material engineering point of view.