Measuring the world –
stress measurements and test drives

Utilising appropriate measurements, measuring runs and continuous monitoring enables us to record
loads in actual applications – whether for approval trials and tests, calculation and simulation or for
structure optimisation in problem cases.

We execute measurements of mechanical and electrical variables with static and dynamic loads under operating
conditions, install complete measurement chains including the process adaptation. Our many years of experience
guarantee effective problem solutions for status, condition and load analysis.

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Our portfolio


Simulation and Strength Assessments

As a holistic development partner, we provide reliable information about design and lifetime by determining component strengths and examining stress, strain, and stability already during construction and dimensioning process. By means of calculated assessments of strength, designs are optimized and designed to be reliable.

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At our testing and development center, we test all rail vehicle components and materials for strength and service life. In terms of product and operational safety as well as quality assurance, we bundle the forces of testing and test design in our company with measurement, calculation, simulation and proof of strength as well as construction.

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Powerful for every vehicle type - our strength tests, approval tests or development tests are proven to be reliable for testing the operational strength and service life of automotive components, media-conducting systems, electrical components and materials.

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Whether it's for life-time certification or certification of the aircraft component, IMA engineers test, simulate, or calculate any design group of an aircraft, such as aircraft, for reliable results. B. hull works, structures, tail units, trolleys and engines and interior components.

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Wind Energy

In the development and approval process, we support manufacturers of wind turbines, component manufacturers in the development and approval process and power generation companies in validation, damage analysis, product optimization and structural monitoring. Materials, structures, components or structures are extensively tested, including characterization, strength testing, durability testing and system tests.

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Damage analysis

Determining causes and effects experimentally - we assess damage cases and thus support the cause clarification. Our experienced engineers help you to investigate undesirable damage phenomena in detail - for example, by materialography, acoustic damage detection or non-destructive testing methods.

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Medial Load Testing

No matter whether it concerns piping, components, aggregates (pressure generators, pressure consumers) or integrated systems with the use of special media, we determine the behavior under the real driving dynamic loads combined with temperature change, pressure change, volume flow and vibration excitation.

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Materials databases

The databases of our WIAM® product line provide material information and characteristic values ​​that are used reliably for material selection, design, standardization, calculation and simulation. The data pool draws on material and fundamental experiments from the last five decades, and new materials are systematically integrated.

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Training and Seminars

Benefit from our cross-industry know-how: In training courses and seminars directly at your company or at our site, you will receive extensive specialist knowledge - from courses for non-destructive testing (ZfP / NDT) about the FKM guideline "Computational Strength Verification of Machine Components" to software user training for WIAM® fatigue RIFEST.

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Software and Software Solutions

We have solved the management of data and documents from processes in the areas of research and development, simulation and calculation, laboratory, quality management, process development and production planning - with the WIAM® database systems we offer suitable software solutions with flexible data structures, display options and evaluations.

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Irrespective of whether Helsinki or Melbourne, Düsseldorf and Dresden – we are never too far away. Our on-site measuring service can provide numerous possibilities: with high channel counts and sampling rates, harsh environmental conditions, autonomous measuring in the regular utilisation or under test conditions – we can provide you with as much measurement data as you require, you have the choice. In addition to executing measuring runs, we can also provide you with customised complete solutions: Creating measuring concepts, FE analysis, application of sensor technology, dismantling, measurement data evaluation and derivation as well as implementation of appropriate test procedures.

We provide the test in accordance with the application guidelines for distance and route trials for the rail vehicle sector according to DIN EN 13749 and VDV 152.

Long-term Measurements

We can support you with long-term measurements for data acquisition in actual operation, for example for the assessment of the impact and effects on the service life or the operating strength verification. Furthermore, we can develop systems for monitoring of structures, components, systems and plants, which are directly tailor-made to your specific requirements – reliably informing about load or damage incidents immediately. We measure analogue signals such as DMS, accelerations and paths in conjunction with GPS and bus data during numerous assignments in various areas . This provides us and you with extensive assessments including location-based evaluation of measurement data with durations of several years. Our knowledge and experience enables us to create soundly based test load concepts for executing component testing, also in-house at the customers.

Measuring services

  • Approval measurements
  • Validation measurements
  • Measuring for investigating damage cases and problem cases
  • Driving technical measurements
  • Load collective measurements
  • Force measurements
  • Measuring wheelsets
  • Torsional vibrations
  • Measuring brake systems
  • Measuring railway noise and vibrations
  • Electrical measurements
  • Pantograph measurements
  • Assuming railway operational services for measuring runs
  • Modal analysis and operating vibration analysis
  • Special measurements
  • Structure monitoring

Modern measuring systems

Digital measurement technology as well as numerous, various transducer types enable collection, recording and processing of static and dynamic parameters – including force, torque, pressure, path, elongation, strain, speed, acceleration, temperature, relative air humidity and calculated variables. We can register elongation and strain in two ways – firstly as DMS based and, on the other hand, as optical (ARAMIS system, with in-plane and out-of-plane measurements for deformations). Rapid processes, such as free fall trials, are implemented by means of a high-speed camera. We not only evaluate the measured data values with commercially available software but also with our own software and visualise this data in real-time, such as for rain flow classification (also in real time), envelope calculation and according to additional algorithms. Telemetry systems enable us to collect and record measurement data from rotating components.