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Stand back, please: A train journey, that is to say, having the time to pass by various landscapes, villages, farms, and winding lanes, to observe people as they get on and off. The sensible and sustainable travel currently in vogue is true to the motto „The journey is the destination“ – be it on the historic Dream Train, which is reminiscent of the original Orient Express, or a modern luxury train. Such special and luxury trains, among many other types of trains, also stop off at IMA Dresden. They come to Saxony from Europe, Asia, and America for experimental and approval testing. They are in good company here, with many further rail vehicle components such as axle-bearing housings, springs, swing arms, stabilisers, interior components [...]

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The big city – this means living the loud, varied, creative, fast life. Here, opposites collide. Technology meets tradition, aesthetics meets abstract. But what‘s clear: This highly complex and quickly growing city system also has much potential for new ideas. Whether it‘s Melbourne or Munich, Düsseldorf or Dresden – IMA Dresden also jumps on the train of urban life anywhere large streams of people move through the urban jungle. With test drives and long-term measurements of public transport, IMA engineers collect a large amount of data under real conditions, which is useful for experimental tests or virtual simulations, for example. With this quantity of data, it is possible to show route profiles that are used during the design phase, [...]

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They are the kings of the fields. Tractors with tyres as tall as a person, giant combine harvesters with broad cutting blades. Not infrequently also referred to as „plough monsters“, these harvesting giants advance every year – even if they often drive common road users insane, obstruct traffic on rural roads, and meander through narrow towns. While many still dream of milking stools, crowing roosters, and the farmer sheering sheep in March, the reality on farms looks different: A heavy machine with increasingly complex digital technologies stands ready. Large harvesting machines and excavators, this also means great forces – not a problem for IMA Dresden. With modern measuring and control technology, as well as flexible testing laboratories, [...]

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„The wind in the struts, a rumbling, a quaking, then finally take off, suddenly floating...“. Not just Reinhard Mey has been fascinated by flying. Take off and behold from above heavenly archipelagos, snow-covered mountain ranges, and toy worlds, surrender to the intoxication of weightlessness - the feeling above the clouds will delight you. In order to really keep all the fears and worries hidden below, IMA engineers assist the development departments of manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry: Whether it is a passenger jet, air taxi, or rocket, it is tested, simulated, and calculated. To do so, IMA focuses on every assembly group of an aircraft, such as the fuselage, wing assembly, tail unit, undercarriage, and engine, as [...]

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Sail away from everyday life and glide through the shimmering emerald green sea, moving freely on board – sailing means longing to be one with wind and waves. Discovering new worlds in this way also means measuring oneself against the forces of the elements. All the more appropriate
that yachts and boats are now becoming lighter and more manoeuvrable thanks to composite materials, thus making many manoeuvers at sea easier. Not just lighter, more durable, and more flexible, but also more resistant to rust and other weathering: new materials make it possible to absorb and transfer large amounts of energy. With more than 56 years of expertise in the material testing of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics, IMA Dresden has been on course [...]

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They must be sustainable and secure, affordable and efficient: the energy revolution in Germany. The train of renewable energies is already on good pace towards the future. The population is becoming more aware of topics like the environment and sustainability. The final goal: to maintain the environment as a place to live for future generations and still ensure growth and prosperity. The obvious symbol and pillar of the energy revolution is wind power. IMA Dresden also provides support in this area: IMA assists manufacturers of wind turbines, component manufacturers and energy producers in product optimisation, structure monitoring, and damage analysis. Materials, structures, components, or facilities are tested extensively, from testing the [...]

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Fascinating landscapes, bumpy gravel paths, the snow-covered peak on the horizon in sight – off-road begins where civilization ends. All that can be heard are the engine noises of the SUV as it masters a path through the rough terrain. Those who want to reach the destination of their wanderlust dreams need endurance, courage, and a reliable vehicle. Therefore, the drive, clutch and axle tubes are reinforced, the water cooler is enlarged, or special tires installed for the 4x4 experience under extreme conditions. Whether its an adventure in the desert or driving in the city, at IMA Dresden, HP meets Kilonewton. Here, engines, bodies, frames, axles and stabilisers are put through their paces. To do so, operating stresses are simulated by simply [...]

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IMA Dresden and the JEC World have this in common: They are the first address for material testing in the field of plastics and fiber-reinforced plastics. From 12th to 14th of March 2019 we are presenting our know-how and news at ​​the Saxon joint booth in Hall 5 A Stand C70:

  • Thermoplastic Tape and Composite Processing + Testing
  • Test Expert for Characterizing Pultrusion Materials
  • Long-Term and Fatigue Test at Various Climates / Under Media Influences
  • Data Management with WIAM® for Efficient Use of Test Results
Come and visit us! [...]

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Smart machines, robots, big data, cloud computing – the visions of digitalisation have become a reality. Data networking is on everyone‘s lips around the world. Production sites communicate with one another in real time. While this country is still discussing Industry 4.0, Japan, one of the world‘s leading nations in robotics, is already talking about „Society 5.0“, the vision of a fully networked society. Technology innovations and new software solutions are also driving IMA Dresden forward: The information systems of the WIAM family can not only network knowledge across locations, they can also be used to better manage data and determine specific information. The goal: Combining data from various sources in such a way that knowledge [...]

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The Semperoper shines brilliantly as part of the historic old town of Dresden. The Elbe metropolis enchants every year in waltz time and provides for a bit of glamour in the southeast of the Republic with noble gowns and illustrious guests. Yes, celebrating a glittering ball evening, that‘s what the people of Dresden do, and they like to keep their hips carefree until the early hours of the morning. Things also revolve around the right beat in the medical laboratory of IMA Dresden. The hip and knee joints must be tested in advance under realistic conditions: They are moved and stressed in anatomically correct positions at least five million times, simulating the service life of an implant. In addition, the IMA is also testing other joints [...]

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