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Japan - a country which is not only regarded as particularly digital and technology-oriented, but also presents itself as the very confident host of the 2020 Olympic Summer Games. When the Olympic flame burns on July 24th in Tokyo, the Japanese capital, the whole world should be able to experience the most futuristic games in history. In addition to service robots and intelligent translation software, this event will also include precise measurements which will decide whether the athletes win or lose: High-speed cameras will show what cannot be recognised with the naked eye. Digital measuring systems record what distance an athlete has achieved in seconds. The engineers at IMA Dresden are also very familiar with exact measurements: This enables [...]

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From now on we have even more accredited testing possibilities in our test laboratory for medical products. Since 20 May, the IMA Dresden laboratory for medical device testing has been successfully accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. Furthermore, we were also able to expand our testing spectrum: ASTM F2582-14:
Impingement Test: Determination of wear and deformation under dynamic impingement loading ASTM F2665-09:
dynamic strength testing of ankle implants ASTM F2346-18:
Static and dynamic tests for characterization of artificial discs ASTM F3140-17:
dynamic strength test on unicondylar tibial knee components ASTM F2502-17:
Test methods for absorbable plates and screws [...]

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With our tests of medical devices we not only withstand the real test world, but also the virtual test simulation. For the optimization of products, especially the simulation accompanying the design is a real added value. We have expanded our many years of experience and accreditations by the ASTM F2996 (hip stem) and ASTM F3161 (femur component) in accredited form. This has enabled us to expand our simulation test scope by "The definitions of worst-case geometries". This not only saves time but also costs for the approval of products. [...]

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Since middle of May all our IMA Dresden laboratories are accredited according to the new DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03  standard. This is a reason to cheer, because we could already successfully complete the changeover before the deadline expires end of 2020. The new standard covers now all test laboratories and the calibration laboratory. From the knee joint to the thermoplastic tube, from car components and railcar body to the space capsule - everything is tested at our laboratory according to the latest state of the art and accreditation. [...]

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Not only are we, as IMA Dresden, happy about the honest evaluation of our customers in order to become even better. This year at Christmas time, the feedback will also make some children's eyes light up. Together with the association "Aufwind Kinder- und Jugendfonds Dresden e. V." we have initiated the donation project "Wish Christmas tree". At Christmas time, children and young people whose institutions belong to the association will write their personal wishes on a wish list and hang it on our Christmas tree. In order to be able to fulfil as many wishes as possible and to put them under the Christmas tree wrapped as a present, IMA Dresden will pay 10 euros for each completed feedback form into the project donation pot from now on. With the [...]

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Lush green and immaculate: Many many garden lovers consider the English lawn to be the epitome of perfection in lawn growing. The secret recipe for a dense lawn, which resembles a carpet: continuous maintenance, maximum care and precise pruning. Although IMA Dresden rarely deals with such a lawn, we are in our special field especially when it comes down to achieving precision. With our accredited laboratory for calibrating force and length on single-axis material testing machines, we can execute calibrations which comply with the requirements of the German Accreditation Body. Because accuracy and quality are of utmost importance in numerous industries, we always inspect and calibrate testing machines directly at our customers‘ own pre-mises. [...]

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IMA Dresden Dcontinuously contributes in the European “CarE-Service project” dedicated to strengthen the E-mobility and part of the EU program Horizon 2020. In February the mid-term review has been successfully passed and the next stage of development of a mobile test module for End of Life automotive components arises. So in these days it has been a pleasure to see that a Fiat e500 of our project partner Fiat-Chrysler often meets one of the growing electro mobile charging services at Dresden, Wilder-Mann. CarE-Service [...]

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Its 8848 metres make it the highest mountain of the world, it lies in the middle of the Himalayas, the path up to its summit takes weeks: Mount Everest. The anniversary of the first ascent is celebrated on the 29th of May. Back in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay disproved the myth of the invincibility of the mountain and thereby took their well-earned places in the history book. In 1978 Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed up to the roof of the world without supplementary oxygen for the very first time. - A fascination which demands the highest standards and motivation simultaneously. Here at IMA Dresden, no path is also too far and no terrain too impassable. We execute measuring tests all over the world - irrespective of whether [...]

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Glide through a dreamlike blue sea and just simply enjoy the light breeze and the feeling of endless freedom - this is what a casual sailing trip looks like, which makes wanderlust beat faster. Remaining in harmony with the wind and waves also requires perfectly coordinated interaction for the entire crew. As a reliable partner for its customers, IMA Dresden is always on the right course and thereby helps to adjust the sails - no matter where the wind comes from. All the experts pull together for this purpose and understand how to provide their customers with individual, comprehensive and, above all, solution-oriented support. We always ensure that they can master even the most difficult manoeuvres successfully and therefore reliably achieve [...]

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We are still there for you! As you can see from the worldwide media, the COVID-19 situation has worsened drastically. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a pandemic. The Robert Koch Institute currently assesses the risk situation as "high". There are now several risk areas, restricted areas, border closures and even curfews in immediate neighboring countries worldwide.Especially in this difficult time it is all the more important that we try to get the pandemic under control together. Everyone can do their utmost to stem the virus chain.We as a company have taken all possible measures to protect our valuable customers and employees. Despite everything, we are still there for you and will process your inquiries and [...]

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