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Get first-hand information with our public online seminar or with the public classroom training. Because both the FKM guideline and all revisions have been developed under the leadership of IMA Dresden.
Take part in one of our FKM training courses "Analytical strength assessement of machine components".Whether basic training, update training or WIAM® fatigue RIFEST in everyday engineering work. On our homepage you will find the right training for you and your company. https://www.ima-dresden.de/en/service-portfolio/focus-cross-industry/training/#toc-the-fkm-guidelines-in-practice [...]

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The testing of medical products is one of the branches of industries we focus on. That’s why we are very happy to attend this year’s DKOU, an international conference for orthopaedics and surgery in Berlin from October 26 to 29. Our colleagues Sebastian Fuchs, Matthias Brensing, Frank Gatzke and Julia Kurth will attend the event. They are looking forward to interesting conversations and establishing new contacts. If you like to meet them in Berlin, feel free to contact them via LinkedIn or contact us for a meeting with any of them. [...]

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The polish economy is getting ready for the production of future technology in the automotive industry. And IMA Dresden is ready to be a partner. On October, 14th and 15th, we take part in the Polish-Saxon economic forum “Technologies for mobility in the 21st century” near Wroclaw.
Thank you very much for the invitation, @Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH! On-site ist Dr. Andreas Schelenz, salesman for the field of environmental simulations. He is looking forward to interesting conversations and establishing new contacts. [...]

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The new tram of the type "NGT DX DD" from Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe was presented to the public with great flourish on 01 October. We are proud to have been part of the extensive licensing process. So-called static load tests were carried out in our halls near Dresden Airport. In these tests dead weight, such as interior fittings, passengers and the units on the roof of the light rail car, was simulated. In this way, we test what happens to the car when longitudinal forces act on it. See for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing the new trams in Dresden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pljc3TY7f5w [...]

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The size of the objects plays only a subordinate role in IMA Dresden's testing: the smallest parts we have tested so far were bone screws with a length of 16 millimeters - our experts used them to determine the yield stress up to the fracture angle. In contrast, IMA Dresden's most massive testing task to date was the full-scale test on the Airbus A380-800 - with a length of 73 metres, a take-off weight of 560 tonnes and space for 509 passengers, it is currently the largest and heaviest passenger aircraft in the world. [...]

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Today is the first day of the DVM Arbeitskreis Betriebsfestigkeit conference on strength assessment. Our Key Account Manager Dorit Hanke and the engineers for simulation and strength assessment Prof. Dr. Roland Rennert and Dr. Franz Ellmer will be on site at a stand and take part in the technical presentations. IMA Dresden is a member of the @Deutsche Verband für Materialforschung und -prüfung e. V. and the working group on structural durability. After last year's break due to the pandemic, everyone is particularly happy to see their colleagues again and to exchange ideas with them. For IMA Dresden the meeting has practically become a tradition! [...]

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IMA Dresden tests about 400 metres of pipe every day - that's the length of a lap in the stadium! The 400 metres are, of course, not tested in one piece, but are divided into about 1,000 individual pieces. The type of tests is so different that one is reminded of a kind of decathlon. The pipes compete in the disciplines of physical, mechanical, hydraulic and acoustic testing. The tests are designed to ensure that all requirements for product conformity, service life, condition assessment, material characterization, quality- and safety standards are met. Sounds exciting? It is! Take a look at our website, at Pipes   [...]

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Today is already the second day of the 18th International Rail Vehicle Conference, having already attended some really interesting lectures yesterday. Also today, Dr. Franz Ellmer is happy to answer all questions about the poster exhibition, which deals with the topic "The influence of overloads on the fatigue strength of metallic components". We are also looking forward to this evening with great anticipation: the traditional evening event will take place in the Dresden Transport Museum - what a great setting for exchanging ideas with other experts. [...]

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We can´t wait for the second day at Europe's second largest railway technology trade fair. Yesterday we already had great conversations at the joint stand "Saxony" and today we are again looking forward to the trade fair day and the exchange with our professional colleagues. A special highlight: we will be showing one of our bogie test benches in miniature size. And by the way, we are enjoying Gdansk - a beautiful city on the Polish Baltic coast. [...]

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Since 2018, we at IMA Dresden have been a partner in the @CarE_Service_EU project funded by the European Commission. The aim is to develop new and environmentally friendly car sharing and integrated mobility services. The focus is on the future of European mobility and the associated improvement of citizens' quality of life. But acceptance is not yet 100% guaranteed:  There is uncertainty about the introduction of electric mobility and although the potential of car sharing is huge, it has been underused so far. The project is now conducting a survey so that the social impact of the new mobility services can be assessed. Agents need the opinion of future users to determine the final design and implementation of the service. So here is our request: [...]

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