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It always jerks a little bit, when life shifts into the next gear. A year ago, no one could have imagined the challenges 2020 would bring us. We have faced the situation together with you and are looking forward to the future with confidence. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional cooperation during this special time and for your trust. We are happy to support you in your research and development projects in the coming year as well. Now we wish you and your family a wonderful Advent season, a contemplative Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2021. Greetings from
The team and the management of IMA Dresden [...]

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Hohoho-Oh, with us it’s Christmas already before the 24th of December Today was the most beautiful day for us within the whole donation campaign "Your customer feedback makes children's wishes come true". This morning we drove as IMA Christmas elves, loaded with many beautiful gifts for the children and young people of the family assistance "Outlaw", to Meißen. This year everything is different and so we could not hand over the presents to all the young people and children personally. Julia Kurth presented the gifts to a young person from the care facility on behalf of IMA Dresden. With the donation amount we have fulfilled 12 Christmas wishes from children who have a hard time in life. And to support the work of “Outlaw” [...]

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Today it was like being at the North Pole in the Secret Santa workshop. In the last few days we were able to buy many gifts from our year-round fundraising campaign "Your customer feedback makes children's wishes come true". For each received customer feedback, we paid 10.00 Euros into the donation pot – throughout the whole year. Thanks to the feedback from our customers, the additional donations from our employees and an additional contribution from the management, such a nice total amount has been collected. Thus, today we wrapped presents for all the children from the "Outlaw" family aid in Meißen. Tomorrow we are going to Meißen to give the Christmas presents to the children, which we were able to realize thanks to many contributors. There’s [...]

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IMA Dresden as the world's leading supplier of testing services for all areas of mobility and special know-how in the field of rail vehicle testing on bogies, car bodies and many components as well as operational measurements on rail vehicles is proud to underline its very high quality standards with a TOP 3 ranking in the "Quality" category. The "Supplier Award" from Siemens Mobility is given to first-class suppliers who are innovative and competitive, who reliably deliver the highest quality and who strengthen the sustainability of the entire value chain. The award was given for outstanding performance that made a significant contribution to Siemens Mobility's success in fiscal 2020. Managing Director Dr. Ron Buchholz: "When we received the [...]

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Every single year, on long Winter evenings at home, we try very different methods in order to just achieve one modest goal: cracking the nuts. This can quickly turn into a rather tricky challenge when one wants to reach the inside without shattering the tasty kernel. What does this need? - Patience, craftsmanship and most importantly the necessary sensitivity. Here at IMA Dresden, cracking the so-called hardest nuts i.e. difficult problems is part of our daily routine, even if we sometimes have to grit our teeth first. Irrespective of whether this concerns standard inspections and tests or special solutions, simple material samples or inspections or tests on complex components - we solve all our tasks with great passion.
Not just during [...]

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As a partner in the EU research project CarE-Service (https://lnkd.in/gFrPAEQ) IMA works in a consortium from the manufacturer of electric vehicles Fiat Chrysler to the partial car provider E-Vai in Lombardy around Milan (https://www.e-vai.com/en/). In addition to electromobility it has committed itself to developing rural areas along the main thoroughfares of very well-developed public transport systems. Among other things research is being carried out on a new approach to the usages times of vehicles which then very regulary remain overnight in small towns and can continue to be used during the day. For example from train stations. The main player at the urbain location of IMA Dresden, Teilauto, is expanding its usage models in Dresden next [...]

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They are true marvels in the natural world: Spider webs whose thin, elastic silk threads systematically connect points which are very far apart. Initially connecting the many individual, delicate threads results in a selfcontained network which is more stable than it actually seems at first glance. Because stable networks have now become indispensable in today‘s world, IMA Dresden also understands how to build virtual bridges and thereby help to shape the digital epoch. Software solutions from the “WIAM®” family enable us to represent all information and business processes transparently, manage them smartly and ensure that they are therefore networked as location overarching. IMA assists its customers with digitalisation for the value [...]

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Horror parties, hollowed out pumpkins, threatening dark characters: What has always been a big spectacle in America for many years, has now also become a fixed date in Germany for vampires, witches and ghosts. The Celts believed that All Hallows opened up the border between the earthly world and the realm of the dead. Today, on the day we now call Halloween, many real personalities are transformed into all manner of imaginable fantasy figures, the virtual world in their heads takes on an eerily beautiful form. IMA Dresden can also create virtual worlds and thereby supports its customers, especially in the design process. We inspect and test tomorrow‘s concepts and ideas. This process does not even require a real test object. Even when there [...]

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The countdown has started: just one more day … The anticipation is great. Tomorrow the moment has finally arrived. We can present our new IMA Dresden image film. [...]

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