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Farewell Winter, welcome Spring! Whoever keeps their eyes open during a walk through the countryside can soon discover it: the first flowering crocuses as messengers for the approach of Winter´s final throes. They ring out with an unmistakable hint of Spring and transition. As soon as they feel the first warming rays of the sun, they start to open their petals. Our ideas of our customers also blossom. IMA Dresden is always there to support you when it comes down to bringing them to fruition. In order to ensure that new developments are marketable as quickly as possible, we conduct continuous research, perfect existing methods and develop new concepts, always at the cutting edge. We go onwards with our customers, force through innovations and [...]

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> 1000 accredited test procedures
Our new certificate is here! We have successfully passed the new requirements of ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 for our testing laboratories for material and component testing, the testing laboratory for medical device testing and our calibration laboratory. In addition, the flexible accreditation categories 1, 2 and 3 have been confirmed: Depending on the test area, the IMA may continue to use various standards and standards, modify and further develop test standards. Use our wide accreditation to meet your test requirements with the highest quality. [...]

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Winter sun, the ice-cold air tingles in the face, a white wonderland stretches away as far as the eye can see. Sometimes the white splendour is fluffy and fine, sometimes wet and heavy - none of the delicate flakes resembles the others. The white stamp, which Winter applies on the landscape every year, creates a very special charm. Just like the variety of the bizarre shapes of the snow crystals, the innovations of our customers which have to be tested are also diverse and abstract. We are pleased to print our independent IMA certification seal after completing a successful quality check in our testing laboratories. IMA Dresden has been an accredited certifi-cation body for many years. From pipes and pipework systems for water and gas supply [...]

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When it comes to processing and testing fibre-reinforced plastics, we are difficult to beat. The experience we have built up over many decades – in the manufacture of thermoset plastic samples, made of epoxy and polyester resins, for example, in testing from A to Z and in evaluating the results – has made us specialists in testing. The fields of application of these thermoset plastics range from wind turbine rotor blades through to interior and exterior components in the automotive industry and applications in the aerospace sector. However, this group of plastics is also associated with long and complex production processes and recycling is only possible to a very limited extent. And this is precisely where the potential of “fibre-reinforced [...]

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After a 12 month period, it was time to do it again. In June 2019, the NADCAP re-accreditation (Metallic Materials Testing) once again took place for the IMA laboratories for materials testing and materialography. All NADCAP accredited procedures were thoroughly audited during the one-week audit. The repeated, very positive audit result once again demonstrated and verified the competence, attitude and awareness of our staff to be able to provide testing services of the highest quality. This therefore enabled us to achieve the so-called MERIT status for the very first time. This recently acquired status also leads to an extension of the audit cycle from 12 to 24 months based on the results of past audits. NADCAP [...]

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When the solar winds are favourable, one can see it, the magical green glow. “Aurora Borealis”, the northern lights or polar light, is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on our planet and has been the subject of speculation for 2,000 years. The mysterious light haze is charged with particles of the solar wind, which collide with the Earth‘s atmosphere - a kind of greeting from the Sun, which shows its most beautiful shapes on Earth in the cold polar regions. When it comes down to pulsating particles, IMA Dresden can also set signals: with all types of electrical tests and inspections for short-circuits, service life, operating behaviour and surge voltage. The in-house transformers are able to generate test currents of up to [...]

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Since many years IMA Dresden has been an accredited certification body in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2013 by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS). These apply to the certification of pipes and piping systems for the water and gas supply and sanitation as well as construction products, product groups and components. In the course of the re-accreditation, the scope of the recognition was extended and an associated notification by the DIBt for the following guidelines and standards has been confirmed:

  • Structural metallic products and ancillaries (EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011)
  • "Kits for exterior wall claddings" (EAD 090062-00-0404)
In the international environment, IMA Dresden can support companies [...]

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Stand back, please: A train journey, that is to say, having the time to pass by various landscapes, villages, farms, and winding lanes, to observe people as they get on and off. The sensible and sustainable travel currently in vogue is true to the motto „The journey is the destination“ – be it on the historic Dream Train, which is reminiscent of the original Orient Express, or a modern luxury train. Such special and luxury trains, among many other types of trains, also stop off at IMA Dresden. They come to Saxony from Europe, Asia, and America for experimental and approval testing. They are in good company here, with many further rail vehicle components such as axle-bearing housings, springs, swing arms, stabilisers, interior components [...]

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The big city – this means living the loud, varied, creative, fast life. Here, opposites collide. Technology meets tradition, aesthetics meets abstract. But what‘s clear: This highly complex and quickly growing city system also has much potential for new ideas. Whether it‘s Melbourne or Munich, Düsseldorf or Dresden – IMA Dresden also jumps on the train of urban life anywhere large streams of people move through the urban jungle. With test drives and long-term measurements of public transport, IMA engineers collect a large amount of data under real conditions, which is useful for experimental tests or virtual simulations, for example. With this quantity of data, it is possible to show route profiles that are used during the design phase, [...]

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They are the kings of the fields. Tractors with tyres as tall as a person, giant combine harvesters with broad cutting blades. Not infrequently also referred to as „plough monsters“, these harvesting giants advance every year – even if they often drive common road users insane, obstruct traffic on rural roads, and meander through narrow towns. While many still dream of milking stools, crowing roosters, and the farmer sheering sheep in March, the reality on farms looks different: A heavy machine with increasingly complex digital technologies stands ready. Large harvesting machines and excavators, this also means great forces – not a problem for IMA Dresden. With modern measuring and control technology, as well as flexible testing laboratories, [...]

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