WIAM® fatigue RIFEST-Toolbox combines FKM guidelines linear and non-linear.


Together with ihf Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH a team of engineers from IMA Dresden developed the WIAM® fatigue RIFEST-Toolbox. The toolbox consists of two different programs for the Static Strength assessment and the Fatigue Assesment (high and low cycle fatigue): The WIAM® fatigue RIFEST program was developed by IMA Dresden and maps the guideline-compliant strength assessment at assessment points for non-welded and welded components according to the FKM guideline linear. The second part of the toolbox is the AutoFENA NL Solo program. The program was developed by ihf Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. It can be used to perform both the static strength assessment and the fatigue strength assessment. Via the graphical user interface, the user can define one or more assessment points, enter the stress and strain state for each assessment point and perform the appropriate strength assessment.


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