This is what it would look like on the streets without us


No cars, buses or trams. This year, we are using Road Safety Day as an opportunity to show you what the roads would look like without the inspections and tests carried out by IMA Dresden. Empty, that would be. Whether for automotive, rail vehicles, construction products or pipe systems – we test everything. Sub-zero temperatures, road salt, potholes – the road is brought into the laboratory and operating loads are simulated, for example in the automotive sector. In explosion-proof laboratories, tanks and pipe systems are tested with all real liquids, whether AdBlue, paraffin, coolants or oils. What happens when a rail vehicle derails and has to be lifted back onto the tracks? Our tests are often the prerequisite for trams to run, cars to be produced in series or aeroplanes to be allowed to take off.

That was a lot of input, wasn’t it? No problem, come and talk to one of our experts. We wish you all a very safe day!



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