The heart of our test benches


Our human heart is pumping approximately five liters of blood through our body – every minute. The “heart” of our test benches is the hydraulic system, that constantly supplies them with oil. At our two test sites each system consists of 8 pumps, which is able to put into circulation up to 2,400 liters of oil per minute. In order that the valves of the hydraulic cylinders display optimal performance, we set ourselves the highest standards

We use oil with a particularly high purity class to prevent the valves of the hydraulic cylinders from clogging. The oil is checked regularly for contaminations, wear metals, the performance of additives and certain oil ageing phenomenons. If the trends of certain values leave the defined corridor, countermeasures such as optimizing the filtration concept are carried out. After the oil has been used in our “organism”, it is reprocessed by a specialist company in Chemnitz and thus can “live” a second life.

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