On measurement tour with Dresden's "new one"


The test experts of Applus+ IMA Dresden were on the road in Dresden’s rail network for a mobile test run: For our customer  Alstom, we tested the new streetcar of the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, the “2902”, which is wider than the previous model.

Our team spent two weeks setting up the measuring system, installing over 170 sensors in and on the vehicle. Then the 2902 was allowed to show, what it can do for three days. It travelled over 300 kilometres criss-crossing Dresden, mainly on the route of Line 2, but also everywhere where the wider train is already allowed to travel – such as on Augustusbrücke. So there were plenty of opportunities for the people of Dresden and all those interested to photograph DVB’s newcomer on the tours. In the end, the new train was especially staged for a film produced for EFRE.

During the journey, the necessary measurements and brake tests were carried out, generating 430 gigabytes of data, that are now being evaluated by Applus+ IMA Dresden for the approval of the new tram. We are very happy to be involved in such a great project, also in direct exchange with DVB, who gave our colleagues access to internal information: We now finally know where to get the best bockwurst in Dresden!

General: By means of appropriate measurements, test runs and continuous monitoring, we record stresses and strains in real operation – whether for approval tests, calculation and simulation or for structural optimization in problem cases.


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