No matter how long it takes, we perform every test.


Regardless of whether a test lasts 2.117 seconds or 10.00 hours – our experts prepare and carry out every single one with the same meticulousness.

The shortest one is our impact test: From a height up to 22 meters, we drop a maximum weight of 50 kilograms onto a sample. It takes just 2.117 seconds. Compared with our longest-running test, this is just a blink of the eye. In comparison, our long-term test on a GRP liner pipe takes much more time. In our test laboratory, we put a weight on a pipe cutout to simulate the weight of the soil layer that will later lie above it in real use – for about 10,000 hours; That are almost 417 days. Then, we can predict the load over the period of 50 years.

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