Meet the Expert – Implants 2022


The operating theater between scalpel and swab is not always a silent place – e.g. when an artificial hip is implanted the bones need to be rasped and reamed. Hip cup or stem are often held by an insertion instrument and the surgeon hits this instrument with a surgical hammer in order to fix the implant in place. This way press-fit is achieved and the patient can walk again shortly after the procedure.

But how can one ensure that the insertion instrument endures through several hundred operations and thus through thousands of hammer blows? Robert Paul and a team of engineers and specialists of Applus+ IMA Dresden asked exactly that question.

Meet Matthias Brennsing at “Meet the Expert – Implants 2022” on September 8 in Muttenz (Switzerland). In the poster presentation area, he will give you an insight into our testing world in the field of medical device testing.

Click here for registration: https://www.rms-foundation.ch/technologietransfer/meet-the-expert-implants.html 

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