Happy Easter


Whether real and fluffy or made of chocolate – most people imagine bunnies when thinking of Easter. It’s a lovely tradition to hide the chocolate bunnies in the garden so that the family, mostly children, go searching for them. And, of course, eat them. Interestingly enough, there are so many ways to break the hollow chocolate body into small pieces. But which one’s the best as the chocolate bunny isn’t so easily crushed: biting off the head at first, squeeze ears in first or placing it on its side and pressing down with the flat of your hand? At IMA Dresden, we don’t deal with chocolate Easter bunnies – unless we eat them. But we are experts when it comes to testing the strength of materials and components – even most “delicate” materials. As an international test centre, we accompany you from the base material to the certification of the finished product. This includes static, cyclic and dynamic tests as well as static long-term tests.

However, we wish all our employees, customers and partners Happy Easter. Enjoy the chocolate Easter bunny.

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