Calender Sheet December: With patience and sensitivity: We can solve the hardest problems.

©iStock // MiraPen
©iStock // MiraPen

Every single year, on long Winter evenings at home, we try very different methods in order to just achieve one modest goal: cracking the nuts. This can quickly turn into a rather tricky challenge when one wants to reach the inside without shattering the tasty kernel. What does this need? – Patience, craftsmanship and most importantly the necessary sensitivity. Here at IMA Dresden, cracking the so-called hardest nuts i.e. difficult problems is part of our daily routine, even if we sometimes have to grit our teeth first. Irrespective of whether this concerns standard inspections and tests or special solutions, simple material samples or inspections or tests on complex components – we solve all our tasks with great passion.
Not just during the Christmas season.

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