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©istockphoto.com - yongyuan
©istockphoto.com - yongyuan

Smart machines, robots, big data, cloud computing – the visions of digitalisation have become a reality. Data networking is on everyone‘s lips around the world. Production sites communicate with one another in real time. While this country is still discussing Industry 4.0, Japan, one of the world‘s leading nations in robotics, is already talking about „Society 5.0“, the vision of a fully networked society. Technology innovations and new software solutions are also driving IMA Dresden forward: The information systems of the WIAM family can not only network knowledge across locations, they can also be used to better manage data and determine specific information. The goal: Combining data from various sources in such a way that knowledge can be accessed centrally and seamlessly around the world. IMA‘s in-house material data pool is indispensable for data management. It includes over four million entries, of which more than 6,000 are materials.

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