Calendar Sheet January - Aim high! At steel-safe winter enjoyment in the mountains.

©istockphoto.com - FooTToo
©istockphoto.com - FooTToo

Up the mountain. Into winter pleasure. What awaits above? Skiing amusement, cabin fun, happy hormones. Every day, hundreds of snow enthusiasts take the ski lifts up to the summit of winter sporting frenzy. The way up offers a breather with a view of the breathtaking alpine panorama – always stable thanks to tested steel from IMA Dresden. The steel cables are exposed to heavy load due to tension, wear, and corrosion. IMA tests the durability and mechanical stress of these and all other metal materials. IMA determines material characteristics and conducts strength assessmens. With testing and engineering services, IMA Dresden supports customers on a daily basis with questions about steel for high-performance applications such as aircraft turbines, ultra-light metals to save weight in lightweight construction, and new production technologies such as 3D printing.

Zugspitze, Austria

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