Calendar Sheet February - Intact and in sync: When hip joints dance the waltz.

©istockphoto.com - aletheia97
©istockphoto.com - aletheia97

The Semperoper shines brilliantly as part of the historic old town of Dresden. The Elbe metropolis enchants every year in waltz time and provides for a bit of glamour in the southeast of the Republic with noble gowns and illustrious guests. Yes, celebrating a glittering ball evening, that‘s what the people of Dresden do, and they like to keep their hips carefree until the early hours of the morning. Things also revolve around the right beat in the medical laboratory of IMA Dresden. The hip and knee joints must be tested in advance under realistic conditions: They are moved and stressed in anatomically correct positions at least five million times, simulating the service life of an implant. In addition, the IMA is also testing other joints and medical devices: Foot, hand, and shoulder joints as well as bone screws, plates, and skin glue also want to shine in practical tests, after all.

Semper Opera House, Dresden, Germany

Medical Device Testing

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