Calendar Sheet April - Stop at nothing: Onto on off-road adventure!

©istockphoto.com - molchanovdmitry
©istockphoto.com - molchanovdmitry

Fascinating landscapes, bumpy gravel paths, the snow-covered peak on the horizon in sight – off-road begins where civilization ends. All that can be heard are the engine noises of the SUV as it masters a path through the rough terrain. Those who want to reach the destination of their wanderlust dreams need endurance, courage, and a reliable vehicle. Therefore, the drive, clutch and axle tubes are reinforced, the water cooler is enlarged, or special tires installed for the 4×4 experience under extreme conditions. Whether its an adventure in the desert or driving in the city, at IMA Dresden, HP meets Kilonewton. Here, engines, bodies, frames, axles and stabilisers are put through their paces. To do so, operating stresses are simulated by simply bringing the street into the lab – sub-zero temperatures, road salt, and potholes included. Tanks and pipe systems are tested in explosion-proof laboratories with every real fluid, be it kerosene, coolants, or oils.


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