The IMA Test Mark for building product

IMA Dresden is a full-service test laboratory for component- and material testing and tests and monitors products, groups of components and building products for more then twenty years. Tests and monitoring from the house of IMA Dresden prove your product’s quality on an independent basis.

Upon request, customers of IMA Dresden get placed the IMA Test Mark, of their product has met the standard requirements.

The IMA Test Mark gives the green light for reliable, stadardized and type-approved products.

Do You want to know more about a Product with the IMA Test Mark?

On customer’s request the IMA Test Mark can be delivered with or without QR code. If you see a Test Mark with QR code, it would be the easiest for you, if you could take a photo of the QR code with your smartphone. Your smartphone leads you directly to the test or monitoring information of the respective product.

Whether with or without QR code, the individual test number is on every Test Mark. Just enter the number into the input field on top left at this webseite. The test and monitoring information will be displayed to you.

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