Testing of electrical / electronic Components and Assemblies

The comprehensive testing spectrum of the IMA Dresden ranges from individual tests to the complete validation of electrical components for almost every vehicle type.

Our advantage: The complete design and product validation from a single source.


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Our portfolio



Powerful for every vehicle type - our strength tests, approval tests or development tests are proven to be reliable for testing the operational strength and service life of automotive components, media-conducting systems, electrical components and materials.

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Electrical Testing

In terms of development and type testing, we offer a comprehensive range of services for accredited tests ranging from short-circuit tests to performance behavior and insulation behavior. Across sectors, we cover the test areas of renewable energies, automotive / e-mobility, rail applications and beyond.

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Medial Load Testing

No matter whether it concerns piping, components, aggregates (pressure generators, pressure consumers) or integrated systems with the use of special media, we determine the behavior under the real driving dynamic loads combined with temperature change, pressure change, volume flow and vibration excitation.

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Environmental Simulation and Vibration

External influences such as vibration, impact, cold, heat, moisture or water spray are simulated on vibration tables and in climatic chambers. We subject your product, for example, to vibration testing, shock testing, climatic testing, determination of Woehler-lines, pressure pulse tests, bursting pressure test, leak test, corrosion test and transport simulation.

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Material Testing for Plastics and Composite Materials

From the base material through the manufacturing technology to the approval of the finished product - our material tests are DAkkS and NADCAP accredited. This includes static, cyclic and dynamic tests as well as static long-term tests, including sample production.

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Materials Testing Metals

Our material specialists accompany you in the implementation of your test programs as well as standardization, approval and certification of materials or manufacturing processes. We stand by your side during the entire test procedure, from the consultation, test planning and sample production, over the test itself up to the finished test report.

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Whether for quality assurance, damage analysis or for research and development - in our accredited materialography laboratories we take a close look at both metallic and non-metallic materials of different composition with qualitative and quantitative characterization methods. This also includes the sample preparation procedures and the analysis, evaluation and documentation of the microscopic examination results.

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Damage analysis

Determining causes and effects experimentally - we assess damage cases and thus support the cause clarification. Our experienced engineers help you to investigate undesirable damage phenomena in detail - for example, by materialography, acoustic damage detection or non-destructive testing methods.

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Measurements and Measurement Runs

Stresses in real use are recorded by measurements, test drives and continuous monitoring, depending on the application. We carry out measurements of mechanical and electrical quantities under static and dynamic load under operating conditions, install complete measuring chains including process adaptation.

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Simulation and Strength Assessments

As a holistic development partner, we provide reliable information about design and lifetime by determining component strengths and examining stress, strain, and stability already during construction and dimensioning process. By means of calculated assessments of strength, designs are optimized and designed to be reliable.

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Materials databases

The databases of our WIAM® product line provide material information and characteristic values ​​that are used reliably for material selection, design, standardization, calculation and simulation. The data pool draws on material and fundamental experiments from the last five decades, and new materials are systematically integrated.

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Software and Software Solutions

We have solved the management of data and documents from processes in the areas of research and development, simulation and calculation, laboratory, quality management, process development and production planning - with the WIAM® database systems we offer suitable software solutions with flexible data structures, display options and evaluations.

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Training and Seminars

Benefit from our cross-industry know-how: In training courses and seminars directly at your company or at our site, you will receive extensive specialist knowledge - from courses for non-destructive testing (ZfP / NDT) about the FKM guideline "Computational Strength Verification of Machine Components" to software user training for WIAM® fatigue RIFEST.

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LV 124 / LV 214 – Accredited tests


  • Current distribution boxes and fuse boxes
  • Plug-in connectors for vehicles
  • Charging devices and electronics
  • Battery heating
  • Distribution cabinets
  • High-current DC cabling
  • Electrical heating systems
  • Signal cable / cable harness
  • Control devices
  • Electrical drives
  • Distributor cabinets for charging stations

Types of testing

In accordance to your requirements we perform a large variety of electrical tests and environmental simulations in our labs. No matter whether for a standard test, a special solution or a combination of overlay of several test units. We are also your partner when it comes to tests of the current profiles, the lifetime or an environmental test superimposed with a mechanical test.


Current test

  • Continuous currents up to 3000 A DC (power distributor)
  • Replica by electronic loads
  • Fully automatic test sequence
  • Voltage drop measurements

Circuit testing/current-carrying capacity

high-performance test field with Phase angle control

  • Short-circuit test up to 30,000 A DC (Battery cell connector)
  • Test voltages up to 1,100 VDC
  • Hotspot detection with thermal camera

Lifetime testing

  • High-temperature endurance test
  • Thermal cycling endurance test

Medium-conducting Systems

  • Complete cycles, fuel lines, coolant etc.
  • Slosh test on the fuel tank system
  • Leak testing/pressure pulse
  • Chemical testing

Vibration and shock testing/Multiaxial vibration test

  • Free fall
  • Vibration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Hexapod

Climatic testing

  • High/low temperature storage
  • Temperature level test
  • Temperature shock
  • Humid heat , cyclical (with frost)
  • Lowtemperature service
  • Dipping bath installations
  • Temperature shock chambers

IP protection class testing

  • Saline fog
  • Dust test
  • Corrosion sun
  • Lifetime
  • Simulate real operating conditions

Testing standards

  • LV 123 electrical characteristics and electrical safety of high-voltage in vehicles
  • LV 124 electric and electronic components for vehicles uo tp 3,5t
  • LV 148 electric and electronic components in vehicles with 48V board network,  test conditions and tests
  • LV 214 connectors for vehicles
  • LV 215 High-voltage connectors for the requirements in vehicles