Testing of electrical / electronic Components and Assemblies

The comprehensive testing spectrum of the IMA Dresden ranges from individual tests to the complete validation of electrical components for almost every vehicle type.

Our advantage: The complete design and product validation from a single source.


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Our portfolio


Environmental Simulation and Vibration

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Material Testing for Plastics and Composite Materials

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Simulation and Strength Assessments

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LV 124 / LV 214 – Accredited tests


  • Current distribution boxes and fuse boxes
  • Plug-in connectors for vehicles
  • Charging devices and electronics
  • Battery heating
  • Distribution cabinets
  • High-current DC cabling
  • Electrical heating systems
  • Signal cable / cable harness
  • Control devices
  • Electrical drives
  • Distributor cabinets for charging stations

Types of testing

In accordance to your requirements we perform a large variety of electrical tests and environmental simulations in our labs. No matter whether for a standard test, a special solution or a combination of overlay of several test units. We are also your partner when it comes to tests of the current profiles, the lifetime or an environmental test superimposed with a mechanical test.


Current test

  • Continuous currents up to 3000 A DC (power distributor)
  • Replica by electronic loads
  • Fully automatic test sequence
  • Voltage drop measurements

Circuit testing/current-carrying capacity

high-performance test field with Phase angle control

  • Short-circuit test up to 30,000 A DC (Battery cell connector)
  • Test voltages up to 1,100 VDC
  • Hotspot detection with thermal camera

Lifetime testing

  • High-temperature endurance test
  • Thermal cycling endurance test

Medium-conducting Systems

  • Complete cycles, fuel lines, coolant etc.
  • Slosh test on the fuel tank system
  • Leak testing/pressure pulse
  • Chemical testing

Vibration and shock testing/Multiaxial vibration test

  • Free fall
  • Vibration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Hexapod

Climatic testing

  • High/low temperature storage
  • Temperature level test
  • Temperature shock
  • Humid heat , cyclical (with frost)
  • Lowtemperature service
  • Dipping bath installations
  • Temperature shock chambers

IP protection class testing

  • Saline fog
  • Dust test
  • Corrosion sun
  • Lifetime
  • Simulate real operating conditions

Testing standards

  • LV 123 electrical characteristics and electrical safety of high-voltage in vehicles
  • LV 124 electric and electronic components for vehicles uo tp 3,5t
  • LV 148 electric and electronic components in vehicles with 48V board network,  test conditions and tests
  • LV 214 connectors for vehicles
  • LV 215 High-voltage connectors for the requirements in vehicles