Although no rocket launches are taking place in our test hall at Dresden Airport, Ariane 6 assemblies have landed in our space test facilities.

The test specimen shown in the picture is a highly complex component (VITF – Vinci Intermediate Thrust Frame) to which the engine for the second rocket stage of Ariane 6 is coupled. The component itself absorbs the engine thrust and passes it on to the second rocket stage. In a specially initiated qualification test, we demonstrate and verify not only the functionality but also the strength and stiffness properties of this primary structure.

Ariane 6 is a family of launch vehicles. It will be able to deliver payloads of any type into an optimized orbit – regardless of the type of mission. This could be, for example, launching satellites with electric propulsion or launching satellites in multiple orbits thanks to the re-ignitability of the Vinci engine.

The test order was carried out and funded under an ESA program. The prime contractor is Ariane Group. The static testing was awarded to IMA Dresden by Airbus DS NL.

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