We got it: The Airbus-Merit-Status


On December 8th, the QTML (Airbus Qualified Test Method List) of our customer Airbus was updated and we received the MERIT status from Airbus for all test methods.

IMA Dresden is thus the first laboratory to receive Merit for both structural and component tests (Major Test, Component & Large Sub-Component Test and further Test Types) as well as material tests in the areas of metals, plastics and composites.

The Airbus supply chain specialists thus certify the particularly high quality and performance of our qualified test procedures.

Of the approximately 100 qualified testing laboratories on the QTML, only 17 laboratories have received this award so far.

IMA Dresden is qualified for a total of 88 test procedures, 6 of them for structure and component tests. Therefore, IMA covers the entire test pyramid from the smallest DSC sample to the total cell test (major test).

The listing and award of IMA Dresden in the Airbus Merit Program underpins the quality of IMA Dresden as an independent certified and accredited international full service test center. Our customers can rely on our expertise, more than 25 years of experience, modern technologies, flexibility and adherence to schedules.

We are very proud of the recognition of our achievements and thank every employee for reaching this goal.

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