Calender Sheet September: Stop at nothing: IMA Dresden in a showdown with the elements.

©iStock // DieterMeyrl
©iStock // DieterMeyrl

Water is the source of life. With its unbridled power and beauty, the precious elixir of life flows on its way through nature. Nothing in the world is softer and more yielding than water although, at the same time, it can conquer rigid and hard things so amazingly. Flowing water forms stones and boulders, excavates deep gorges in the earth. What nature takes decades to do, IMA Dresden performs in no time at all. Utilising state of the art equipment, the engineers at IMA develop high forces on over 10,000 square metres of testing area and can thereby simulate any environmental influences.
In a time-lapse method, they apply climatic and environmental conditions onto the test objects and measure their resistance capabilities with the forces of the elements. This therefore enables them to test the reliability of a wide variety of materials, determine their service life and also make statements regarding material failure.

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