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Its 8848 metres make it the highest mountain of the world, it lies in the middle of the Himalayas, the path up to its summit takes weeks: Mount Everest. The anniversary of the first ascent is celebrated on the 29th of May. Back in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay disproved the myth of the invincibility of the mountain and thereby took their well-earned places in the history book. In 1978 Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed up to the roof of the world without supplementary oxygen for the very first time. - A fascination which demands the highest standards and motivation simultaneously. Here at IMA Dresden, no path is also too far and no terrain too impassable. We execute measuring tests all over the world - irrespective of whether [...]

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Glide through a dreamlike blue sea and just simply enjoy the light breeze and the feeling of endless freedom - this is what a casual sailing trip looks like, which makes wanderlust beat faster. Remaining in harmony with the wind and waves also requires perfectly coordinated interaction for the entire crew. As a reliable partner for its customers, IMA Dresden is always on the right course and thereby helps to adjust the sails - no matter where the wind comes from. All the experts pull together for this purpose and understand how to provide their customers with individual, comprehensive and, above all, solution-oriented support. We always ensure that they can master even the most difficult manoeuvres successfully and therefore reliably achieve [...]

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We are still there for you! As you can see from the worldwide media, the COVID-19 situation has worsened drastically. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a pandemic. The Robert Koch Institute currently assesses the risk situation as "high". There are now several risk areas, restricted areas, border closures and even curfews in immediate neighboring countries worldwide.Especially in this difficult time it is all the more important that we try to get the pandemic under control together. Everyone can do their utmost to stem the virus chain.We as a company have taken all possible measures to protect our valuable customers and employees. Despite everything, we are still there for you and will process your inquiries and [...]

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Elegant shapes, exact geometry, precisely trimmed hedges: Hardly any other garden style enables nature and architecture to merge into a total work of art like a baroque garden á la Ver-sailles. There always seems to be a touch of French nobility - imposing and magnificent - in this well-ordered garden network with clear lines and perfect symmetries. It results from persistent work in the art of garden design. Nothing is left to chance at IMA Dresden either. As a member of numerous standards committees, we can have an influence on the guidelines of the present as well of those for the future with the test methods which we have developed. We provide pioneering technological and future-oriented services. The highest priority is always assigned [...]

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Multi-station in-vitro wear simulation

IMA Dresden is expanding its testing capacities with a further multi-station in-vitro wear simulation. Its mechanics take into account all the degrees of freedom required to implement biomechanical principles when testing implant systems. With this testing machine we are expanding our service portfolio including in the area of standardized approval tests and special tests for a wide variety of joint types (including knee and shoulder implants) as well as material tests and development related evaluation tests. Selection of test methods: ISO 14243-1, ISO 14243-3, ISO 14243-4, ASTM F3141, ASTM F732, IMA-PV C/33.1 (anatomical shoulder) The multiaxial test stations can be operated in selected axes individually or synchronized with each other. Each [...]

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WIAM fatigue Rifest - Now as server license version

Finally the time has come!
From now on we offer our WIAM® fatigue RIFEST software for calculated strength assessment according to the FKM guideline also as a server version. Get more flexibility by using the software at anytime and anywhere in the world. An external server offers shorter run times which cushions high loads. A constant automatically maintenance includes all new updates.
Find out more about the WIAM® fatigue RIFEST software here [...]

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Farewell Winter, welcome Spring! Whoever keeps their eyes open during a walk through the countryside can soon discover it: the first flowering crocuses as messengers for the approach of Winter´s final throes. They ring out with an unmistakable hint of Spring and transition. As soon as they feel the first warming rays of the sun, they start to open their petals. Our ideas of our customers also blossom. IMA Dresden is always there to support you when it comes down to bringing them to fruition. In order to ensure that new developments are marketable as quickly as possible, we conduct continuous research, perfect existing methods and develop new concepts, always at the cutting edge. We go onwards with our customers, force through innovations and [...]

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Urkunde_ISO_IEC 17025_2018

> 1000 accredited test procedures
Our new certificate is here! We have successfully passed the new requirements of ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 for our testing laboratories for material and component testing, the testing laboratory for medical device testing and our calibration laboratory. In addition, the flexible accreditation categories 1, 2 and 3 have been confirmed: Depending on the test area, the IMA may continue to use various standards and standards, modify and further develop test standards. Use our wide accreditation to meet your test requirements with the highest quality. [...]

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Winter sun, the ice-cold air tingles in the face, a white wonderland stretches away as far as the eye can see. Sometimes the white splendour is fluffy and fine, sometimes wet and heavy - none of the delicate flakes resembles the others. The white stamp, which Winter applies on the landscape every year, creates a very special charm. Just like the variety of the bizarre shapes of the snow crystals, the innovations of our customers which have to be tested are also diverse and abstract. We are pleased to print our independent IMA certification seal after completing a successful quality check in our testing laboratories. IMA Dresden has been an accredited certifi-cation body for many years. From pipes and pipework systems for water and gas supply [...]

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When it comes to processing and testing fibre-reinforced plastics, we are difficult to beat. The experience we have built up over many decades – in the manufacture of thermoset plastic samples, made of epoxy and polyester resins, for example, in testing from A to Z and in evaluating the results – has made us specialists in testing. The fields of application of these thermoset plastics range from wind turbine rotor blades through to interior and exterior components in the automotive industry and applications in the aerospace sector. However, this group of plastics is also associated with long and complex production processes and recycling is only possible to a very limited extent. And this is precisely where the potential of “fibre-reinforced [...]

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