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欢迎访问 IMA Dresden!

IMA材料 究和应用技术有限公司(简称IMA Dresden)具备强大的、全面性的工程能力,能够按照客户提供的各种材料和零部件进行定制试验,尤其是强度,功能性和可 性试验。

IMA Dresden既有 发能力,又有工业生产经历 - 这一独特的发展背景,使其能够对客户在产品 发、生产整个过程中提供技术支持,帮助客户鉴定产品的使用寿命、功能和安全性能等。

多年来IMA Dresden为交通工程、航空、轨道车辆、汽车、塑料和金属行业以及其他行业开发测试技术和检测系统。客户可利用IMA Dresden领先知识和经验从中获益。

Experience the new generation of IMA panel testing

Experience the new test technology for efficient testing of curved fuselage panels in the new film "Inside V4".

The IMA Test Mark for building products

Image without information In order to make testing and production monitoring of building products, groups of components or building materials more transparent, with immediate effect, IMA Dresden starts with the new IMA Test Mark. Producers and distributors can use it to inform about their product’s safety and quality and can provide guidance to their customers.
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Latest news

November 2017

Construction products, pipe systems, plastics:
Expansion of the scope of approval as inspection and certification body of the DAkkS - 17065 / 17020

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November 2017

The German Railway Authority recognises IMA Dresden as a testing, monitoring and certification body for construction products and construction types in railway-specific applications

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November 2017

Expansion of the DIBt approval as a monitoring and certification body in accordance with the German state building regulations

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